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$SQUIRT development progress report 16/01/2022

As requested by the community, we would like to share some updates on $SQUIRT project development. At the moment, we are working on Squirt Bridge, NFT platform and several games.

Development team

We would like to officially welcome Jayden, who joined Squirt team on 07/01/2022. Jayden is an experienced full stack developer. He has developed and launched several crypto games in the past, such as HPB17 and BTC High/Low.

Squirt Bridge

When we started working on Squirt games, we realised that we are facing several obstacles with developing on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). First of all, the fees on BSC are pretty substantial for any games that require at least a few transactions. Moreover, the fee for a random number generator through Chainlink costs 0.2 $LINK for every randomly generated number, which is a relatively a high fee for some simple lottery games, like SQUIRT17.

Therefore, we have been working on Squirt bridge. The bridge will allow tokenizing Squirt on other chains like Polygon and/or HPB for using onchain random numbers at a low cost and much lower transaction fees.

At the moment, we have just finished fixing some bugs and Squirt Bridge is undergoing the final review and final testing.

Squirt NFT platform

We are currently testing the beta version on Squirt NFT platform that can be found online here. Both $BNB and $SQUIRT payments have been enabled on the platform. Platform users can discover different NFTs, see the activity on the platform, connect their Metamask wallet account, buy and sell different NFTs and more! As we are still testing the platform, uploading NFTs is restricted and only collaborators invited through email can upload NFTs.

NFT platform will have several types of NFTs: limited edition NSFW NFTs with different utility levels, SquirtPunks, Prixels and adult stars/inluencers NFTs. All profits from NFT sales on the platform will be used to buy back and burn $SQUIRT tokens, in order to increase the value of remaining circulating $SQUIRT tokens for holders.

More information on NFTs utility and pricing coming soon!



Squirt17 is a very simple, yet incredibly addictive fomo lottery game, where players have to guess a randomly generated number between 1 and 1,000,000. There are 17 rounds in every game and in each round player can guess the number. If the guess is incorrect, then the game provides players with a new range of numbers that the correct number is in. Therefore, with every round of the game, the range gets more narrow and players have a higher probability to guess the correct number.

Squirt 17 game development is finished, but we could not launch it on BSC due to high Chainlink VRF fees. However, with the help of Squirt Bridge we will be able to launch the game with significantly lower costs by bridging it to another low costs blockchain.

As said before, Squirt17 game is finished and ready to be launched as soon as we finish the final review and testing of the Squirt Bridge! The game will be available to play both on our website and Telegram channel!

SQUIRT17 game

Squirt and Burny

Another game that we will launch is called “Squirt and Burny”. Basically it’s a simple card game where players bet Squirt NFT cards and they can win or lose them.

At the moment Squirt and Burny game works fine on localhost. However, when we deploy it on vercel, we are getting errors. Therefore, now we are fixing the errorbuilding on vercel.


Squirt Farmer

The third game that we have started working on is Squirt Farmer game — a fork of an existing popular game called Sunflower Farmer. The original game can be found here. However, due to bugs, the original game has been taken down on January 7th. Because of this, we have also stopped the development of our fork of this game.

Our plan was to fork this game and then use a completely different asset pack (create the adult graphics ourselves). In the game, instead of planting sunflowers, players would be one of the Squirt characters, running round a Harem, squirting on ladies laying on beds. And by doing this players would be collecting SQUIRT NFTs. We believe that a game like this would be massively popular.

At the moment we are waiting for the original game’s team to launch an improved version of this game. We are also looking for similar games that we could fork instead.

Sunflower Farmer game

The token that will make you wet. SquirtGame.xyz

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The token that will make you wet. SquirtGame.xyz

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