SQUIRT community voting poll

We are happy to announce that SQUIRT community voting poll will start on the 4th of February 2022 in Squirt Telegram group!


When Squirt project was launched on 2021.11.17, the tax rate was set at 7%:

3% — for instant yield, which is sent out to all token holders. At the moment, when transaction number is low, this feature is that not attractive for the holders.

2% — for auto LP (Liquidity provider), that constantly builds our liquidity over time with each trade or transaction. Our liquidity is already significant — 397BNB ($148k at the moment of writing).

2% — for marketing and development wallet. Currently, our marketing and development wallet holds a very substantial amount of 254T $SQUIRT. There is really no need to keep increasing this number at the moment.

What are we voting on?

Should we change the 7% tax, which is currently implemented on every $SQUIRT tokens transaction?

  1. Yes, remove the tax completely (set to 0%).
  2. Yes, decrease it to 2%.
  3. No, leave the tax as it is (7%)

Why is it important?

As we will launch SQUIRT17, this game will require users to make a lot transactions. Each transaction would be taxed. In order to attract a lot players to our game and create the best gaming experience, we should adjust the tax, either remove it or decrease it to 2%. However, SQUIRT community will have the final word on this matter.

Location, time and method

Location: Squirt Telegram Group

Time: 2022.02.04 16:00 UTC — 2022.02.07 16:00 UTC

Method: Anonymous voting pool posted by Squirt team




The token that will make you wet. SquirtGame.xyz

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The token that will make you wet. SquirtGame.xyz

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